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"Master Class" - time-tested professional art paints. Recommended by professional artists seeking authenticity and durability of the created work.

The Master Class series is aimed at the most demanding customers - professional artists. Professional products made on the basis of high-quality expensive pigments (including pigments of own production: coloring earths, cadmium and cobalt pigments) and carefully selected binders ensure the greatest authenticity and durability of the finished artwork.

The Master Class series includes sets of oil, tempera and gouache paints, as well as a large palette of individual tubes and cans of various packaging.

Competitive advantages of the Master Class series:

  • High-quality pigments of own production, including coloring earth; cadmium and cobalt pigments
  • Fine paints with a high concentration of pigment
  • The main part of the palette is mono-pigment and light-resistant paints
  • Purity and depth of colors
  • Uniqueness and originality of shades
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