Legendary paints originally from Russia

Artistic paints plant Nevskaya Palitra has been producing the wide range of high quality products for professional artists and amateurs during 80 years.

The factory was found in 1934 and started as a small varnish-and-paint factory which was built by the English production engineer Julius Fridlender in 1900 on the river Chernaya.

7 easy steps to enjoy terrific quality of Nevskaya Palitra:

Customer review

Mary A. Madsen/Photographer, Artist

I got these as a warm-up set and put them away, thinking at this price they couldn't really be all that good. Yes. They. Are. After working with Daniel Smith and other high end paints, I got them out just to use them up and have a travel case. I had to make several swatch pages to see if .....

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Aleckzandera Manga/ Doctor

.Awesome paints!!!!!!I've been using Cotman paints for a while now and thought it would be a good idea to try some artist's grade paints and went for these based off a YouTube recommendation. Holy cow do these hold up!Like most watercolors,....

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Weronika zubek/Hand lettering artist

I received these yesterday and just can't get enough, they are very vibrant and a little bit really goes a long way because they are loaded with pigment. I have been using Reeves until now, but these are quickly going to replace them. I recommend ....

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198035, Saint Peterburg,  Russia,

Mezhevoy Kan 3